An Apple A Day Keeps Cavities Away

Did you know that the high water content in apples helps stimulate the flow of saliva? Saliva helps protect against tooth decay (cavities) by washing away food particles and buffering acid!

Apples have a number of nutritional benefits that promote overall good health including:

* apples are high in fiber which aids in digestion
* apples support a healthy immune system
* apples have soluble fiber which helps improve blood sugar levels
* eating apples promotes weight loss because the high fiber content in apples fills you up!

Dr. Patenio and the staff at Miles Of Smiles Dentistry For Children in Gurnee recommend adding an apple a day to your child’s snack break or lunch break.

PS> If you have toddlers at home, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you make thin slices for safety.

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