Dental Restorations

Dr. Melissa is a pediatric dental specialist.  She specializes in dental care for children from birth to 18 years of age.  Our dentist offers a variety of restorations for her patients depending on the dental needs and health of the pediatric patient.

Even though primary teeth “baby” teeth will naturally fall out at specific ages, Dr. Melissa and the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry still feel that these teeth should be filled if decayed.   If tooth decay is not repaired, it can cause oral pain for the child, dental infections or it may affect the developing permanent tooth below the gums.

White Fillings:

Dr. Melissa uses only mercury-free white restorations in her practice.  These white restoration or composites are used for restorations in front teeth and in back teeth.  They have been used for more than 30 years and are very strong.  These restorations can last up to three years with regular cleanings and check-ups and good brushing and flossing at home.

Silver Diamine Fluoride Interim Restorations (SDF):

Silver Diamine Fluoride is a non-invasive solution that arrests or stops the progression of a carious lesion (cavities).   The fluoride has anti-microbial properties and it can remineralize (strengthen) the tooth surfaces.  Ask Dr. Melissa if your child is a candidate for this type of restoration.


Primary (baby) teeth are softer than permanent teeth and have larger pulp chambers.   If a cavity forms in the tooth it can progress quickly and affect the pulp tissue inside the tooth.  The pulp tissue carries the nerve and blood supply to the tooth.   If the pulp is injured by caries (cavities) a pulpotomy may be indicated.


When teeth are chipped or have a lot of decay, a white composite filling may not be sufficient to cover and protect the tooth.   A crown may be required.   Dr. Melissa uses tooth-colored composite crowns and stainless steel crowns to repair these decayed or broken teeth.  They are prepared in the office and will be placed in just one appointment.

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