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Your Child’s First Visit With at Miles Of Smiles Dentistry For Children

We want your child’s first visit to our pediatric dental office to be a positive experience.   Our experienced Pediatric Dental Specialist, Dr. Melissa Patenio, will welcome your child and take the time to get to know your child in our safe, comfortable, and kid-friendly office.  No preparation is needed on your end, we do ask that if you discuss the appointment with your child that you refrain from using negative words/phrases, such as “it won’t hurt” or “don’t be scared”.

To provide the best possible care, we will require that you complete 2 Forms for each child prior to coming into our office:


  • Sent via Email from [email protected]
  • Check your spam folder if you don’t receive it within 1-2 business days of making your appointment.
  • Please complete *Immediately* for the doctor to review your child’s medical and dental history.
  • For those with dental insurance, as a courtesy to you, the team can verify your insurance but will need sufficient time. 
  • If you have insurance, please upload a copy of your insurance card with this form.


  • Sent via Text 1-2 days prior to each child’s appointment

Our staff will email you separate links to our secure portal where you can complete the forms.

If you are not able to complete the forms before your appointment time for the Doctor to review your child’s Medical and/or Dental History, we may have to reschedule your appointment if important information from your child’s history necessitates medical clearance or further information.  Insurance verification is a lengthy process, if your child’s insurance information is not provided ahead of time (at least 2-3 business days prior) to allow for verification, the appointment may have to be paid in full at time of service.

During your child’s first appointment, Dr. Patenio will review your child’s medical and dental history.  She will use various diagnostic aids to review your child’s oral health which include:

  • Dental Exam
  • Dental Charting
  • Digital X-rays (Depending on your child’s specific needs)

We will also provide preventive treatments for our new patients which include:

  • Dental Cleaning
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Oral Hygiene Instruction

Dr. Patenio will share the results of the dental examination and dental cleaning with you.  If your child needs additional dental treatments beyond their routine cleaning and examination, Dr. Patenio will explain the next steps in your child’s treatment.   Our dental staff will work with you to help you make whatever dentistry your child needs affordable.

Forms for New Patients

New patient forms are available through our secure new patient portal. Please contact our office for details and information.

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